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Project overview

Vigil collaborates with Transmit Security to integrate and customise their products for a diverse clientele across various industries. Our product integration teams incorporate Transmit Security’s advanced products into each client’s technical ecosystem, catering to their specific needs and requirements.

About the client

Transmit Security is an industry leader in the IAM, CIAM, and Fraud Reduction Intelligence domains, providing businesses with robust and adaptable solutions to safeguard their digital assets and user identities.The company’s groundbreaking platform enables organisations to facilitate secure access to their applications, data, and systems, ensuring a smooth and protected user experience. Transmit Security’s offerings, including their CIAM platform and Passwordless authentication solution, are designed to reduce fraud and bolster security for businesses around the world.

Challenges and solutions

Tackling the intricacies of IAM, CIAM, and Fraud ReductionOur team of specialists comprehends the distinct challenges that organisations encounter across various industries, encompassing regulatory compliance, user experience, and security. By closely collaborating with each client, Vigil customises Transmit Security’s solutions to meet industry-specific demands and ensure seamless integration with the clients’ existing infrastructure.Simplifying third-party software integration and customisation

Integrating and customising third-party software can be overwhelming for many organisations. Vigil’s skilled software engineering consultants utilise their hands-on product and domain expertise to streamline the process.We work closely with Transmit Security to deliver tailored integrations and customisations that align with each client’s unique needs and technology stack.Streamlining processes and enhancing security through tailored solutions:Vigil focuses on optimising clients’ processes and bolstering security by developing tailored and efficient solutions that address their specific needs and challenges.Our agile development methodology ensures that the implemented solutions are not only secure and scalable but also aligned with the client’s strategic objectives.Vigil continuously refines the integration process, helping clients maximise the return on their investment in Transmit Security’s platform.