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Project overview

Trainline’s software engineering partner of choice for over four years, Vigil continues to provide expertise and talent across multiple projects and programmes.

Our comprehensive understanding of Trainline’s platform and project needs allows us to quickly scale new members into the team as required. Once in place, our Vigil ‘buddy system’ kicks in supporting the new engineer from day one as they’re onboarded to the team, the project and the company culture. The whole process relieves Trainline of the talent acquisition effort, saving management overhead, cost of acquisition and accelerating the growth of the dedicated Trainline team.

Over time, the team has matured, allowing clear progression from engineer to team leader, from junior to core developer. Vigil provides both stand-alone dedicated project teams as well as individual engineers to augment existing teams. Vigil’s team retention levels are significantly higher than industry norms. 

About Trainline

Trainline is Europe’s leading train and coach app – with over 30 million cumulative app downloads – gathering routes, prices and travel times from over 270 rail and coach operators in 45 countries every day enabling the speedy purchase of tickets.

Challenges and solutions

The Trainline partnership started with a small team of engineers working in the B2C squad who gradually took more responsibility inside the organisation. As this team grew, Trainline also trusted their B2B platform to Vigil.

We are proud of the following achievements

  • Fully responsibility for the B2B platform (mobile, web, and backend)
  • Onboard, maintain and operate train and coach carriers and 3rd party API integrations
  • Design, architect and implement the SeatMap feature across multiple carriers
  • Introduce a new APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tool resulting in better application monitoring and observability
  • Reduce company financial losses by changing the way ticket reimbursement occurs
  • Increase revenue with new carriers and routes integration
  • Reduce the cloud infrastructure cost by re-designing the continuous deployment pipelines
  • Onboard team members quickly and efficiently to such an extent as we have built a reputation for both quality and speed of response.
  • Having Vigil team members growing into leadership position
  • Be part of the selective internal group responsible for technically evaluating candidates and team members
  • Part of the OnCall production support team