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Project overview

QRT’s main challenge was to reduce the burden on the platform team and improve development efficiency. To achieve this goal, QRT needed to establish autonomous development units that had their own cloud access and specific business constraints. These units needed to be independent of the platform team to enable faster development throughput, from the creation of new resources, centralised monitoring and observability, to deploying software into various environments. It was essential to ensure that everything was auditable and traceable by the platform team, with access restrictions based on business requirements.

About the client

Qube Research & Technologies (QRT) is an investment management firm that operates globally across all liquid asset classes. They utilise research, technology, and trading expertise to implement a data-driven, scientific approach to investing.

Challenges and solutions

To meet this challenge, QRT engaged Vigil, an AWS consulting firm, to create a secure, state-of-the-art AWS organisation. The team of AWS architects and developers created different AWS accounts and groups, provided a centralised secret management system, and implemented a searchable and filterable log monitoring service, all in an automated and scalable manner, using Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD pipeline.

The team successfully deployed Infrastructure as Code templates that contained all the required control access to its various groups and accounts, as well as its features and resources, such as secret management system, monitoring and observability tools, deployment, and resource management. The QRT platform team was then handed over the deployed templates and has been using them internally on each development unit within the organisation.

As a result of this collaboration, QRT’s platform team was able to reduce its workload while improving development throughput. This has resulted in a more efficient and streamlined approach to development, enabling QRT to maintain its position as a leading quantitative and systematic investment manager.