Lloyds Bank

Tech stack

Xcode 14.0

iOS Deployment target 15.0

Swift 5 + SwiftUI

XcodeGen 2.33

Swift Package Manager

Swiftlint latest


Project overview

Vigil partnered with Lloyds Banking Group and its tech partners to design and develop a mobile banking app for the bank’s international clients as part of its digital transformation initiatives.

About the client

Lloyds Banking Group is a UK-based financial services group that provides retail and commercial banking and financial services to customers.  

The challenge

The primary challenge was ensuring effective cross-functional collaboration between disparate teams to deliver the best user experience and functionality for the customer.

The solution

Vigil’s well-established expertise in building mobile banking apps, along with its culture of self-organisation and collaboration built on strong Agile principles, enabled the rapid development of features and functionality.

Starting with customer feature requirements, we produced a proof of concept with ongoing input from the customer’s product owner. We then iteratively developed the app, moving into beta and Testflight ahead of going live.

Vigil’s profound belief in and deep knowledge of the Agile project management methodology enhanced success. Our teams supported each other through open communication, regular standups, agile ceremonies, and reflection sessions to develop the solution together.