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Project overview

In 2022, the company launched its new streaming service, ITVX, to broadcast the Qatar Football World Cup. However, to achieve its ambitious growth goals, ITV needed to accelerate the development of its platform, which required a significant increase in software engineering capacity.

This case study explores how Vigil helped ITV overcome its challenges and achieve success.

About the client

ITV is the largest independent TV channel in the United Kingdom, covering a wide range of content such as sports, children’s shows, dramas and films, news, and lifestyle programs.

Challenges and solutions

ITV’s primary challenge was to find experienced senior software engineers and delivery managers to support its end-to-end platforms, from content management to broadcasting and advertising. With limited time to hire and train new employees, ITV needed an agile and cost-effective solution to augment its existing team.

Vigil provided ITV with a team of experienced software engineers and delivery managers who understood the company’s culture and technical needs. The on-boarding process was quick, and Vigil’s engineers were productive from day one, saving ITV time with management processes and allowing them to focus on their business objectives.

Over the past two years, Vigil has become ITV’s partner of choice for outsourced teams in various departments and technologies. The company delivered full life-cycle projects to ITV, ensuring the platform was bug-free, scalable, and had high availability to manage all its users and content.

Vigil’s partnership with ITV has helped the company achieve significant growth in the streaming and marketing sectors. Below are some of the departments and fronts where Vigil has helped ITV:

Acquisitions and Commissioning: Vigil developed a data-driven platform responsible for managing program acquisitions and commissioning from its full life-cycle (idea, development, legal, contract, and commissioning).

Content Scheduling: Vigil developed a scheduling platform responsible for broadcasting linear and on-demand content at the correct time.

Asset Management: Vigil developed a platform responsible for ingesting, adding metadata, and validating the assets that will be broadcast.

Content Delivery and Transcoding: Vigil developed a platform responsible for transcoding the assets that will be broadcast in the correct format and delivering on time.

Content Rights: Vigil developed a platform responsible for managing content rights, migrating scattered legacy systems into a single source of truth.

ITVX: Vigil was responsible for building the TV APP for Amazon, Google, Apple, Roku, etc., for ITV’s new streaming service responsible for broadcasting the World Cup and ITV’s programs.

Advertisement Platform: Vigil developed a platform responsible for managing the full life-cycle of a TV advertisement, from its request, pricing, target audience, scheduling, and broadcasting.