Tech stack

Java Microservices





Project overview

Bally faced the challenge of consolidating numerous processes and routines utilised by their multiple consumer-facing brands in various markets into a single platform that would enhance customer engagement and retention. The objective was to integrate the highest level of marketing promotion flexibility into this unified platform.

About the client

Bally’s Corporation is the largest multi-brand physical casino and bingo operator in the world. They also provide iCasino and Sportsbook services through third-party partnerships and now via their own platform following the Gamesys merger. This is fast becoming the infrastructure behind the company’s multiple consumer-facing brands VirginGames, InterCasino, Jackpotjoy, MonopolyCasino, BallyBet and many more.

Challenges and solutions

With Vigil’s expertise, a state-of-the-art, cloud-native microservices platform was built on AWS, utilising event-driven architecture. Vigil was instrumental in organising the team and providing education to the wider tech team regarding AWS and the optimal design of such a platform.

Vigil onboarded the team three times faster than the internal process. The exceptional calibre of the engineers proved pivotal in the project’s success. By eliminating the need for extensive management processes, the client was able to save valuable time and focus completely on the business objective.

“Vigil was vital for the execution of the project. One year ago, the new platform was just a Powerpoint, and now it is a high-quality marketing platform rolled out to the US and Canada.”

Donald Beatson, SVP – Excite Platform at Bally

The platform was deployed within the anticipated timeline and achieved a “High” level in its Accelerate State of DevOps metrics, boasting an average of 100 releases per week and a lead time of under 24 hours. Impressively, after a full year of operation, the platform experienced 0 (ZERO) critical incidents, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to quality and rigorous testing procedures.

The Vigil team consists of a Delivery Manager, Tech Leads, Senior Frontend and Backend Engineers, as well as AWS platform specialists.