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Project overview

As an AWS Select Partner, Vigil successfully collaborates with AWS to deliver exceptional development and cloud transformation services to clients across various industries.

Vigil’s team of engineers and solutions architects leverages their extensive experience and AWS’s cutting-edge technologies to develop high-performing, scalable applications and facilitate seamless cloud migration for businesses.

About the client

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading cloud services provider, offering a comprehensive range of services such as computing power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionalities to help businesses scale and grow. AWS’s reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions enable organisations to build and deploy a wide array of applications in the cloud.

Challenges and solutions

Some of the solutions we have provided for our clients are as follows:

Developing scalable and high-performing applications:

Vigil’s software engineering consultants utilise their expertise along with AWS’s suite of app development services, to build scalable, high-performing applications tailored to each client’s unique needs. This enables businesses to handle high volumes of data and messages while maintaining exceptional performance.

Facilitating seamless cloud migration and transformation:

Vigil’s cloud transformation specialists collaborate with our clients to design and implement comprehensive cloud migration strategies. By leveraging AWS’s extensive range of cloud services and tools, Vigil ensures a seamless transition to the cloud while minimising downtime and disruption to the clients’ operations.

Optimising cloud infrastructure and reducing costs:

Our team of experts continuously monitors and refines clients’ AWS infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and implementing optimisation strategies to reduce costs and enhance performance. Through close collaboration with our clients and AWS, Vigil ensures that our clients receive the maximum value from their cloud investments.

Also infrastructure as code (IaC) is used to automate resource deployment and scaling, reducing operational overhead and allowing clients to focus on their core business goals.

Ensuring security and compliance in the cloud Solution:

Recognising the importance of security and compliance, Vigil works with AWS to implement best practices and industry-specific security measures for each client’s cloud environment. This ensures that clients maintain the highest levels of data protection and regulatory compliance while benefiting from the agility and scalability of the cloud.

By addressing these challenges, Vigil demonstrates its commitment to delivering value adding solutions that are fully operable in production. Our work alongside AWS empowers clients to harness the full potential of the cloud, driving business value and ensuring the success of their digital transformation journey.